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Apps by Damien



Front-End Development of iPhone, Android and Web applications.

Objective-c, JAVA, Javascript, HTML5/CSS, Ruby.

Contributors: Quentin Rousseau, Julien Dao, Arnaud Ferreri, Souheil Medaghri.

Onefeat Front-End Development


iPhone and iPad development of a game. Play a two players game, controling one single character on the iPad.

Objective-c (Cocos2D Framework).

Contributors: Camille Morizot, Marine Sergent, Romain Maury, William Mapan.

Natum iPhone and iPad development

Development of the showcase app from Onefeat agency.


Arles Photographie

iPhone development of the application to the Arles Photography Festival 2012.


Contributors: Severine Louvier, François Bouly, Sophie Marie, Chloe Gence.

Arles Photographie 2012


Building of an Android application and a web landing page.

JAVA, Javascript, HTML/CSS.

Contributors: Quentin Rousseau, Julien Dao

Boiler android app

Tweet Canon

Technical demonstration for the Open House of Gobelins School. Development of an iPhone and iPad game connected to Twitter. Shoot any people who tweets with hashtag "#GobelinsJPO".

Objective-c (Cocos2D Framework).

Contributors: William Mapan, Christophe Zidler.

Tweet Canon Gobelins JPO

Project Manager

Full Stack development of a Responsive application for computer, mobile and tablet. I developed the API with Symfony2 and the Front application with Backbone.js.

HTML5/CSS, Javascript, PHP.

Project Manager BNP Paribas